Hole Cutter HF

Hole Cutter HF

3keego hole cutter HF type provides easy drilling for thin metal sheet, metal square pipe and is applicable to a handheld machine and pillar drilling machine. Made of tungsten carbide micro grade material and complete with shank, center drill, and ejector spring. Manufactured with 5mm cutting depth.

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Cutting Flange and Ejector Spring

  1. Cutting flange prevents the hole cutter from over drilling.
  2. The slug is ejected by spring when cutting is finished.
  • Complete with shank, center drill, and ejector spring.

Hole Cutter Overview

3keego hole cutter HF type with cutting flange and spring.

Ideal for Thin Metal Sheet

  • Suitable for thin metal sheet and square pipe.
  • Cutting depth: 5mm thick.

3keego hole cutter HF type is ideal for thin metal sheets.


HF Type
Hole cutter
Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT)
Cutting depth (mm)5 mm
Cutting length13 mm - Flange
Nominal diameter

Metric (mm)

Ø14 mm ~ Ø100 mm

Imperial ( " )

Ø1/2" ~ Ø5-7/8"
Shank typeHex shank

Ø60 mm below

Ø10 Hex

Ø61 mm above

Ø13 Hex
Stainless steel-
Cast iron
Portable drilling machine
Pillar drilling machine
Magnetic drilling machine-

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