Hole Cutter HL

Hole Cutter HL

3keego hole cutter HL type is designed to drill holes on electrical boxes. Made of tungsten carbide micro grade material and complete with shank, center drill, and ejector spring. Manufactured with 5mm cutting depth.

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Cutting Flange and Ejector Spring

  1. Cutting flange prevents the hole cutter from over drilling.
  2. The slug is ejected by spring when cutting is finished.
  • Complete with shank, center drill, and ejector spring.

Hole Cutter Overview

3keego hole cutter HL type with cutting flange and ejector spring.

Ideal for Thin Metal Sheet

  • Suitable for electrical boxes and square pipe.
  • Cutting depth: 5mm thick.

3keego hole cutter HL type is ideal for thin metal sheet and square pipe.


HL Type
Hole cutter
Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT)
Cutting depth (mm)5 mm
Cutting length

Ø15.9 mm below

20 mm - Flange

Ø16 mm above

28 mm - Thru
Nominal diameter

Metric (mm)

Ø12 mm ~ 100 mm

Imperial ( " )

Shank typeHex shank

Ø60 mm below

Ø10 Hex

Ø61 mm above

Ø13 Hex
Stainless steel
Cast iron
Portable drilling machine
Pillar drilling machine
Magnetic drilling machine-

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