Hole Cutter HRP

Hole Cutter HRP

3keeego hole cutter HRP type is designed to drill holes on metal pipe especially on round pipes. HRP type hole cutter has a universal exchangeable arbor that can fit on any drilling machines. Manufactured with 5 mm, 10 mm drilling depth and 50 mm, 100 mm effective length.

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Cutting Flange, Spring, and Exchangeable Arbor

  1. Exchangeable arbor, shank, and drill. 
  2. Dual hex screw for stronger hold.
  3. Cutting flange prevents the hole cutter from over drilling.
  4. The slug is ejected by spring when cutting is finished.

Hole Cutter Overview

3keego hole cutter HRP type with an exchangeable arbor.

Ideal for Metal Pipe

  • With a universal arbor that fits on different kinds of machines.
  • Comes with exchangeable shank and drill.
  • Drilling depth: 5mm, 10mm thick.
  • Effective length: 50mm, 100mm deep.

3keego hole cutter HRP type fits on different kinds of machines.


HRP Type

HRP 50
HRP 100
Material typeTungsten Carbide Tipped(TCT)Tungsten Carbide Tipped(TCT)
Drilling depth (mm)510
Effective length (mm)50100
Diameter range (mm)

14 - 120

(3" - 4")

80 - 300

(2-1/4" - 2-3/4")

ShankUniversal shankUniversal shank

Stainless steel

Cast iron

Portable drilling machine

Pillar drilling machine

Magnetic drilling machine

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