Hole Cutter HW60

Hole Cutter HW60

3keego hole cutter HW60 type is designed to drill holes in wood and wood with embedded nails. It has a quick and easy installation of arbor and spade bit or center drill.

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Center Drill, Dual Hex Screw, and Exchangeable Arbor

  • Exchangeable arbor. 
  • Dual hex screw for a stronger hold.
  • Center drill leads the cutter through the material to prevent damage.

Hole Cutter Overview

3keego hole cutter HW60 type with an exchangeable arbor.

Ideal for Wood and Wood with Nails

  • With a universal arbor that fits on different kinds of machines.
  • Ideal for Wood and Wood with Nails.
  • Cutting depth: 60mm thick.

3keego hole cutter HW60 type is ideal for drilling wood and wood with nails.


HW60 Type
Hole cutter
Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT)
Cutting depth (mm)60 mm
Cutting length70 mm - Flange
Nominal diameter

Metric (mm)

Ø21 mm ~ 200 mm

Imperial ( " )

Ø7/8" ~ Ø6-7/8"
Shank type

Ø44 mm below

Ø9.8 QR

Ø61 mm above

Ø12.17 QR
Stainless steel-
Cast iron
Portable drilling machine
Pillar drilling machine
Magnetic drilling machine-

3keego Hole Cutter Video