Magnetic Drilling Machine SMD25

Magnetic Drilling Machine SMD25

3keego magnetic drilling machine SMD25 type is a light and compact model that can drill holes on low height structural steels. Easy to use and transport in different working areas because of its light weight. SMD25 magnetic drilling machine comes with original 3keego motors manufactured in Taiwan.

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Power and Durability

  • Motor power: 1050 Watt. 
  • Gear speed: 750 Rpm.
  • Drill chuck: Weldon shank 19.05mm (3/4").
  • Magnet holding power: 750 Kgf.

Magnetic Drilling Machine Overview

3keego magnetic drilling machine SMD25 type power and durability.

Highlight of SMD25

1. The motor is made of Aluminum Alloy and the components are all from Japan and Taiwan. Tough and strong materials provide longer lifespan and higher reliability to lower the maintenance costs.

2. Reversible stroke handle for easy operation.

3keego magnetic drilling machine SMD25 highlight 1.

Highlight of SMD25

3. SMD25 is equipped with the strongest Dual-Coil Electromagnets with 750kgf holding power.

4. An 8" height is perfect for low and limited confined space.

3keego magnetic drilling machine SMD25 highlight 2.



Annular Cutter Capacity

Max cutting diameter

Max cutting depth

Ø25 mm

30 mm

Motor power 1050 watt

Voltage options

Option 1

Option 2

110V AC, 50/60 HZ

220V AC, 50/60 HZ

Number of speed 1

Speed 1

750 rpm
50 mm
Drill chuck  Ø19.05 mm (Ø3/4")
Magnet adhesion 750 KgF
Magnet size (LxWxH)
160 x 80 x 40 mm
9 Kgs
Overall dimension (LxWxH)
270 x 170 x 200 mm
Twist drillingØ12 mm
Counter-sinking Ø30 mm
Overload protection
Slider adjustment -
Integrated cable routing
Intergrated cutting coolant reservoir
Package Inclusions
Magnetic drilling machine1 pc
Pilot pin 2 pc

Protective cover or

Cutting fluid

1 pc
Mesh belt 1 pc

M10 Hex key or

M12 Hex key

1 pc
Carrying case 1 pc
Operating manual
1 pc
Warranty Certificate
1 pc