Shell Cutter

Shell Cutter

3keego shell cutters are a specialized type of hole cutter with a pilot bit used to drill holes on large gas or oil pipes and its main use is for hot tapping or pressure tapping. Made of Tungsten Carbide Micro Grade T.C.T. and with a maximum of 450 mm diameter.

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Hot Tap Procedure

  • A hot tap procedure is performed to provide a branch connection or temporary and permanent line stop.
  1. Place all the necessary tools in place before drilling a hole on a pipeline. Make sure all bolts and nuts are tightened to prevent leakage. 
  2. After the drill, the retained coupon or slug from the drilled pipeline is removing through the pilot drill.

3keego shell cutter hot tap procedure.

Large Diameter - 450mm

  • Minimum diameter: 60mm (2-3/8")
  • Maximum diameter: 450mm (17-23/32")

3keego shell cutter diameter from 60 to 450mm.

Customized Shell Cutter Length

  • Shell cutter length is based on customer's requests.

3keego customized shell cutter length.


Shell cutter
Shell cutterTungsten carbide tipped (TCT)
Drilling depth (mm)Customized
Diameter range (mm)
60 - 450
Large pipe√ 
Hot tapping machine√ 

3keego Hole Cutter Video